The value of using real 'things' in teaching kids how to code.

The value of using real 'things' in teaching kids how to code.

Generally speaking children are naturally attracted to and fascinated by THINGS. This is the hypothesis we have built our product around, to get kids interested in STEM you have to show them a thing in action. A thing can possess an almost magical quality such as an autonomous robot driving itself around a room. When a magician performs one of his tricks, you’re left wondering “How did he do that?”, you’d ask him if you could. Well, we believe in sparking a fascination in STEM on the same basis. Being able to control a piece of technology to behave as if it were a living thing is magic in its own way, telling a child you can show them how to do the trick is a sure way to grab their attention. It creates a desire to learn and that is a very powerful force. Keeping that desire alight is a whole other ball game. I know that first hand from teaching our Robot building courses.

As part of our course, we introduce kids to several pieces of technology related to the robot individually (An LED, a servo, an Arduino and a distance sensor). Interest peaks the second the kids upload the code and see their ‘thing’ in operation but immediately begins to fade once we begin writing the program to get the next thing working. We structure our product in a way that focuses each learning module around a part. With each module comes a more interesting outcome. It starts with blinking an LED and finally progresses to building a robot car. Ending on the high note of building the robot car leaves each child with a positive memory of their first encounter with STEM.

Our Alpha Kit

It's very easy to get confused very fast when talking about the theory behind the code and the robot. We make sure you get your hands dirty as soon as possible with Robotify. Why? Because we know how people can understand and start to learn at an accelerated pace once they give it a go by themselves. Learning by doing is something we really believe in. Our product teaches practical coding and electronics skills. Imagine trying to learn something practical like football through reading alone. Difficult to say the least.

Some might argue that an introduction to STEM like ours could lead children into a false understanding of what an actual career in a STEM field would entail. My personal go-to response would be to tell that person to shut up, lighten up and stop being so cynical. If you’re that kind of person I recommend you stop reading this right now, kick your child onto the streets, tell them to get a job and fend for themselves so they can understand what life is really like. Stop focusing everything around a career path. Career paths are not the most desirable conversation topics for a pre-pubescent 10 year old. A child’s formative years is not the time to begin telling them about the “harsh realities” of life. So stop being a buzzkill and send your children to our robotics courses or purchase our kit. If you don’t then you hate fun and/or are a bad person. They’ll learn something, have fun and might even pick it up a new hobby!

Assembling our product is a hands-on experience and we strive to keep it that way.

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