Friday Five - A Week In Tech #2

1. Windows 9 Launches...No Wait It's Windows 10 (For Some Reason)

So this week the long awaited for Windows 10 launched and I'm sure the first questions on everybodies mind was; "What happened to Windows 9?". The answer is that nobody actually knows why microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10, but I suppose it's just like going from Vista to Windows 7. 

Despite Microsofts mildly annoying illogical naming habit (Why didn't they just call it the Xbox 720?!) there has been a clear pattern emerging with their operating systems. It seems like every second operating system is awful, with the next one after that being awesome. From Vista to 7, then from 7 to 8. With the Windows 8 OS falling flat on it's face we were all due an awesome one. And, it now appears that Windows 10 is the solution.

The operating system finally encompasses the best features of 7 and 8 in a flawless and seamless fashion. It's really the finished product for microsoft. The first time ever that the company has got an all-device OS nailed down to a tee. In conclusion the overall reaction to Windows 10 has been one of awesome positivity, well done microsoft. Let's hope Windows 11 (or Windows One or whatever they're going to call it next) will break the current pattern and be just as awesome as 10. 

Unfortunately this is just a weekly roundup so I can't go on forever about Windows 10 and it's specifics, so for that we have the verge (thankfully) plus I kind of haven't downloaded it yet, but thats beside the point.

2. Amazon Drones - Fly My Pretties, Flyyyyyyyyyy! 

Drones that fly around the city delivering your products immediately after you order them. Yep, that's pretty much what Prime Air is. Everyone including my Grandad is excited about the prospect of this service because let's face it, not only is it ridiculously useful to get your product close to instantly after you order, its just down right awesome. 

Speaking this week at a conference in Mountain View, California, Gur Kimchie, remarked; "The key here is to simplify the airspace, not complicate it”. His goal is to simplify the process of drone delivery by creating almost drone highways as demonstrated above. Perhaps we aren't too far away from this insanely cool, dhl killing, delivery service afterall.

3. What it's really like to be an entrepreneur - Wil Reynolds

This week I read an awesome blog post by digital marketing cult God, Wil Reynolds. As an entrepeneur I can relate to a lot of these points, it's not all glitz and glam from the start. This blog post is just awesome and what he says in it really resonates with me. 

4. Learn Inbound

Speaking of Wil Reynolds it would be a sin to not mention this event. The event is ran by a good friend of mine and Robotify CMO, Mark Scully. Basically Learn Inbound is an inbound marketing event in Dublin with great aspirations. 

From speaking with Mark myself about it and after helping out at two events now the idea is simple. He wants to create a community of digital marketers and rid the industry of typical boring, headbanging, corporate events. With it's chilled out vibes, open bar, awesome speakers, great venues and awesome swag I think Learn Inbound tops the charts of the industries upcoming events. 


Their next event is on in October in the Academy in Dublin and it's speaker lineup is out of this world. Speakers include; Wil Reynolds (the man himself), Bas Van Den Beld, Gianluca Fiorelli and Rand Fishkin (OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD). In conclusion if you find yourself in Dublin you should really buy a ticket for this event because it really is going to be.....

5. Kickstarter Of The Week - Remix Mini 

And last but not least we have another kickstarter for you guys. Remix mini claims to be 'the world's first true android PC" and it looks it too. With 28 days left to go the Mini is $880,821 funded over its original goal of $50,000. 

The device itself resembles a large pebble. It looks really really awesome and not only is it really small it also sports some aweseme tech under the hood/in the stone. The device runs their very own Remix OS.

The whole idea is really cool and I will definitely be picking one up when its made available! Check it out here! 

Have An Awesome Weekend :)

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