Friday Five - A Week In Tech #1

1. Apple Pay Launches in UK

Apple Pay launched over this side of the pond on Tuesday and finally iPhone and Apple Watch users were able to pay for select goods with a quick scan of their phone or smart watch, at least that's what you'd expect after months of prolonged waiting. But as usual with Apple launches there was more waiting. 

The problem is that not all banks are actually compatible with NFC payment service. Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, NatWest, Nationwide and Ulster Bank are all currently usable with Apple Pay. However, members of HSBC and First Direct won't be able to use the service until later in July and were left sourly disappointed. They can just thank a higher power that they weren't with Lloyds Bank, TSB, Bank of Scotland or Halifax though as these won't offer the service until autumn! 

Check out this article of angry tweeters! 

2. Facebook Moments

This week Facebook launched their brand new photo sharing app "Moments" during the week. This app is much smarter than most photo sharing apps. The idea behind the app is based around solving the problem that is when you and your friends are at an event or on a day out and there's a bunch of different photos all from different phones. But the only way to share these photos is to create a group chat and send them individually until finally you've got all the photos.

Moments is a solution to this problem. Moments lets you create private groups to upload photos from events and share them with your friends, they can also contribute photos to the album. This means theres not a bunch of photo chasing in private chats and group chats, now everything is stored in one place and its pretty damn cool. 

3. First High-Res Photos of Pluto Arrive

NASA have released their first high resolution photos of the surface of Pluto after they confirmed that their New Horizons craft successfully completed it's flyby of Pluto. These photos are pretty cool so I thought I should share them with you guys! For anyone thats really eager NASA will be releasing further high-res photos of the dwarf planet at a press conference today at 5pm (GMT)

4. Kickstarter Of The Week - Vufine 

Vufine is a pretty cool alternative to Google Glass. In it's most ultimate simplicity Vufine is just a wearable mini display. No computer, no OS, no camera, no interface. And it's this focus on creating the ultimate high resolution wearable mini display that makes this product something that might just work. 

Vufine acts as a real life picture in picture that hooks up with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and displays your favourite apps, videos or text within a small 720p screen on the edge of your glasses. Oh yeah it works with all glasses too. This is an awesome alternative to Google Glass and will surely avoid all the issues people had with the whole invasion of privacy, recording when nobody knew kinda' situation that Glass had. Check out the video above and don't forget to contribute to this awesome project! I know I will! 

5. How Your Surroundings Affect Acoustics. 

You should all check out this pretty cool video too! Its basically this guy singing the same song in 15 different locations and showing how each location sounds insanely different. Has some pretty cool visuals in it too! 

Have an awesome weekend! :) 

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